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Child Friendly Activities In St Vlas, Sunny Beach And Nessebar

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Anyone with young children knows that life is way more enjoyable when the kids have lots to do. Luckily children have incredibly active imaginations so keeping them entertained takes just a little effort. I remember once telling my children that a paving stone was actually a ship and then watched them go on a half hour pirate adventure by jumping on and off it, in the end they found a treasure (a couple of pebbles) which they keep in their bedroom.

There are more traditional ways of keeping children amused: slides, swings, climbing frames are some of them but when you go on holiday finding a playground isn’t as easy as you would expect. Let’s face it a slide doesn’t count as a tourist attraction so it won’t be marked on a tourist map.

Luckily I have some inside knowledge when it comes visiting St Vlas, Sunny Beach and Nessebar because I’ve been there enough times with my children. In the map below I have marked a number of child friendly locations:

View the map of child friendly locations in St Vlas, Sunny Beach and Nessebar in a larger map

There are a few playgrounds with swings, slides and climbing frames in St Vlas. One is in front of Hotel Laguna near the main square, another smaller one is past the main square as you walk up the hill. There is another one on the last beach past the marina, there you will find other activities which are fun for children like a bouncy castle and mini golf. One more that I know is at the top of the hill above the last beach. There are other playgrounds in Nessbar new town and Nessebar old town (they are on the map).

water parks are a lot of fun

The water parks are a lot of fun. There are two of them, one in Sunny Beach and one in Nessebar. There are free buses running every 15/20 minutes that stop at all the bus stops in the area which will take you there and bring you back. Each water park has it’s own bus so make sure you get on the right one.

In the past years in St Vlas they organised a baby disco / singing / dancing activities for children two times a week on Tuesday night and Thursday night at the amphitheatre. The events are advertised on posters but I recommend you to go to the tourist office and find out the exact times and days of the week as I am sure the exact times and days change each year.

In the main square in St Vlas they organise events in the evening like classical/jazz music. Again I recommend asking at the tourist office which will have up to date information. Speaking of the main square there is also a fountain there with lights and music (not live, from speakers) which is enough to attract a lot of children every evening who like to play there.

Another place worth visiting is a restaurant on the mountain between St Vlas and Sunny Beach called Hanska Shatra (Han’s Tent). The building has an unusual tent type architecture and there is lots of space for the children to run around and play. It’s good to go at sunset because there are fantastic views better enjoyed as the sun disappears over the horizon. Also when I was there, they had a show with music, dancing and traditional costumes. Note that it’s not within walking distance if you go with young children so you will have to organise a taxi or find out about a shuttle bus.