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How Sveti Vlas Has Changed

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I hadn’t been in Sveti Vlas for over a year so when I visited this summer I got to check out all the changes that have happened. Sveti Vlas is still very dynamic so there was a lot to see, here is a summary.

First let me start with some of the brand new. It probably comes as no surprise that there are new apartment buildings, some unfinished ones from my last visit have been completed and some new ones have been started. I’m happy to say that the new construction is visually very appealing which is good news. As well as using aesthetically aware architects, I suspect that the developers did a lot of learning in their first builds and now that the industry is more established they are doing a better job than ever. Today the area between the old town and the beach is much closer to completion with only a handful of areas of open land that either belong to local government or will no doubt be snapped up in the next few years.

That part of Sveti Vlas has grown into a modern, sun drenched, residential resort with well kept, self contained complexes perfect for families with young children. By self contained I mean that each has it’s own communal and private areas to relax in like gardens and swimming pools. Quite a number of them also house food/clothes shops, restaurants and bars which are of course open to non residents as well. And some buildings have more exotic outlets; I came across a gym, a few beauty salons and a sky-bar. For sure the character for this area of Sveti Vlas has matured into one that suits quite relaxation and luxury.

businesses are beginning to find their feet

Now that most of the eastern side of Sveti Vlas is complete, businesses are beginning to find their feet. For example this year I noticed some of the beach bars look very much like they are actually there to stay, with temporary structures replaced by permanent ones, proper bathroom facilities and kitchens. Also on the beach the places where you can hire equipment for water sports like windsurfs are better run, for a start they openly advertise prices so they no longer give you a price based on how much money they think you are willing to spend. I might even rent a board for a few hours next year. And another thing just about every establishment in Sveti Vlas has free WIFI so if you need to get onto the internet just pull up a chair, order a drink and get the barman to give you the password.

The general infrastructure of the area has also been markedly improved. Roads that used to be dirt tracks are now tarmacked and well lit. One of the new roads that leads to the port even has pavement level lighting which gives a really great effect and I’ve never seen it before anywhere. Also there has been an effort to put in pavements everywhere which makes it easier if you have a pushchair, although I would say that some haven’t been thought out that well. On more than one occassion I was forced onto the road with the buggy because there was a lamp post right in the middle of the way.

There is one big part of Sveti Vlas that I haven’t talked about yet and that is area that joins it to Sunny Beach. On my first ever visit to the area this piece of land had no construction on it at all, but it has been growing and in the last year it has really begun to pick up momentum. Here too construction is primarily holiday style apartments with all mod cons. Some of the builds have direct access to the sea and although not all this coastline is beach, although I have heard (and seen evidence) that there are plans to transport sand so that Sveti Vlas beach joins the one at Sunny Beach. Certainly this is a prime location if you are want to buy a property abroad.